Ferengie Record Review 
May 30, 2018 

Linda Sussman's latest CD "Every Road" has eleven songs that are a joy to experience. This is the 3rd album from Linda, who is a popular Huntington folk artist. Her vocal style and ability, while reminiscent of Joan Baez, is edgier as needed to deliver each song’s message. Linda’s lyrics are written from a personal perspective while touching upon universal themes. I suspect that everyone who listens to this impressive body of work will find their own message in each of the songs. 

I heard “Not In My Name” as a tribute to our nation’s history of welcoming people from all shores to a better life and it was a call to action for us to preserve this tradition. Linda’s metaphor of crying tears of red, white and blue was very touching. 

“A Little Bit of Heaven” inspires the listener to appreciate our beautiful planet. “Creators” inspired me to acknowledge the inginuity and survival instincts of the human spirit and I heard “The Change” as an empowering call to action against social injustice. 

“Lullabye”, one of my favorite cuts and one that I have had the pleasure of hearing Linda perform live, is moving and touches on another theme that is relatable to many, whether the lullabye is for a child, a lover or an aging parent. 

The vocal arrangements on this CD are bright and emotive. The use of a second voice for either harmony or to introduce a counter melody is impressive. The instrumentation and musical talent on this CD is most notable. Linda is a gifted lyricist, composer and guitarist. Mike Nugent, who also recorded and co-produced this CD, contributes his musicianship with inventive electric guitar, bass and a host of other stringed instruments. Richie Guerrero is the percussionist on this CD, and the cut “Tell Me Over Sunrise” is a great example of electric guitar and percussion interacting in a lively and engaging way. The introduction of keyboard by Cindy Quart in "A Little Bit of Heaven" and cello, by Gabrielle Schavran, on “Lullabye”, gives this CD more musical depth than one would usually expect from a folk album. 

Linda comes across as a person who cares intensely about other people and the planet. Her lyrics follow in the tradition of folk music to deliver a message, educate others about social problems, and to provide a call to action for empowerment and change. 

Her music truly is a little bit of heaven. Really hoping that Linda gets to take this CD on the road – Every Road! 

For more information about Linda and how to purchase her CDs, visit http://lindasussman.com


Ron Cooke, KTAL-LP radio DJ, Las Cruces, NM
(Program: Music They Don't Want You to Hear)

"Linda Sussman makes music worth listening to.  Her songs are timely, insightful and presented with passion and conviction.  She makes the personal universal and the universal personal." 


FATEA Records Magazine, UK
New CD "Every Road" review by David Kidman (9/4/18)


Linda Sussman 
Album: Every Road 
Label: Sing Out Proud 
Tracks: 11 

Linda's a Long Island, NY-based singer/songwriter whose songs are a call for social justice and tell stories of personal challenges, as well as celebrating triumphs, love and peace. Good old-fashioned s/s values, then, and stylishly couched in an all-embracing musical idiom that appealingly combines elements of folk, west-coast folk-rock, alt-country and Americana. And to realise her vision, Linda gets plenty of able-bodied help from a small handful of talented musician friends including Cindy Quart, Richie Gueerero as well as Linda herself and album producer Mike Nugent, together playing electric guitars, dobro, ukulele, keyboards, bass and congas/percussion; there's some tasty soloing too among the accompaniments. 

Linda has a strong and forthright singing voice, and by and large her style of delivery suits her songs, although at times her use of vibrato seems a touch wearying and insistent. Her writing covers all bases with efficiency and evident compassion and commitment to the cause. The most memorable items in this entirely self-penned collection include social-justice-themed pieces Not In My Name and The Change, the spiritually-inclined Creators and the touching closing Lullaby, although it must be said that on occasion her use of metaphor seems a touch contrived. 

Nothing desperately cutting-edge, then, but well crafted all the same, and likely to give pleasure to aficionados of the late-60s/early-70s singer-songwriters (some tracks are perhaps especially reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, though in a nice way). 

David Kidman


"Huntington-Based Singer Addresses Injustice Through Music"
By Connor Beach 
Long-Islander News 
March 22, 2018

"Every Road" CD release: pre-release concert review

..."A Huntington resident with a passion for music announced her return to the music scene recently with the release of her first CD since 2002...."