REVIEWS: Shake It Loose Today 
(album released July 1, 2022)

 Luke Wolk at Radio Guitar One (6/12/22; click link for Interview at bottom of review) "The title track "Shake It Loose Today" is a ... mid tempo swampy shuffle with just enough grit to make you smirk. ... The album is a set full of fantastic songs with character to spare. Great songwriting, arrangements and performances are found across the entirety of the nine tracks."

Chris Spector at Midwest Record (6/11/22) " matter what kind of folkie you want to characterize her as, she provides a calming voice for riding turbulent waters. A first class set of anthems for today."

Tim at 160GigBlog (6/30/22) "...overall this is an album that draws on most areas of Folk music to make its points and is certainly worth your attention. If the spirit of Greenwich Village in the sixties and early seventies is still with us then it lives in Linda Sussman."

 We Write About Music blog (8/6/22) "...Linda immediately immerses the listener in her own world of instrumentally rich passages, her hypnotic vocals, and imagery-filled lyricism that effortlessly tells stories from start to finish. ... the seemingly infinite amount of styles that the band was able to convey is downright impressive."


ROOTSTIME (Belgium): Portrait of Linda Sussman

Portrait review by Valsam (3/7/22)

Starting with a review of Every Road (2018)—"The first song on “Every Road” is immediately a very beautiful love song “I Sing For Love”—and closing with These Walls (2021)—"There was also space available on this record for some songs about love such as “Catch Me If I Fall”, “Tomorrow Blues”, the acoustic blues song “My Baby”, folk rock song “Don't Give Up” and “ Mountain Of Fire” in which blues, folk and rock are cleverly mixed into one song."
English translation


"My Baby" reviewed on INDIE-SPOONFUL [Click for full review]

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff  (6/21/21)

 “My Baby” is an incredibly soulful and texturally satisfying country blues song....Linda Sussman has created a track that is both deeply familiar and invigorating....Lyrically, Linda Sussman is taking a lighthearted approach to the peculiarities of jealousy and trust when dealing with the confines of love. She writes in a way that calls upon the stylings of classic blues lyrics, while giving them a modern twist....[Sussman] sings with a strong sense of pleasure, but you can also feel the pain she has experienced in her performance as she sings from her heart...." [Click above for full review]

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Review by Matt Jensen (10/29/21) [album rated 4.0 of 5]

"This is a great album where you can tell there was a lot of work put into it. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. The songs were heartfelt and sincere and felt honest. I think this album will resonate with fans of folk and blues. Take a listen." [Click above for full review]


MIDWEST RECORD: These Walls album review

Review by Chris Spector  (6/19/21)

LINDA SUSSMAN/These Walls: "A smart soft rocker with a good ear for the various folk and blues elements, she puts her sharp pen to good use crafting a set of originals that have messages for the times but never get strident. You could even call her empathetic in the range of emotions and views. A very nice way for folkies to get this decade started." 
(Sing Out Proud 202021)


"Let's Just Boogie" reviewed on PLEASE PASS THE INDIE  [Click for full review]

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff 

“Let’s Just Boogie” [from Sussman's Pass It On Down album, 2019] is danceable, feel-good music with a timeless sound. Eclectic and bold, this song builds upon familiar traditions while paving its own path....“I've got cares upon my shoulders, I've got worries a mile long, But I'm gonna step aside And boogie 'til the cows come home!”  Sussman delivers these lyrics with an infectious commitment....This is music that will make you smile." [Click above for full review]

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REVIEWS of "JOIN HANDS," from THESE WALLS album (2021):

“JOIN HANDS is another powerful, stirring song from singer-songwriter Linda Sussman. Both a rallying cry and an uplifting anthem for our times, this is music you need to hear. ” — Ron Cooke, KTAL Las Cruces radio host 

""Linda Sussman takes us on a powerful journey with her new single JOIN HANDS. Now more than ever we need messages like this, and Linda delivers once again in a beautiful way." — Luke Wolk, Radio Guitar One, 

"A lovely surprise listening to the song for the first time." — Henry Morgan, TMEfolk Radio

"Join Hands” is unapologetically unifying and wholesome, and throws in the sort of standard social justice sentiment musicians have been singing about since the ’60s..." — Matt Jensen, Divide and Conquer Music


FATEA Records Magazine, UK 
New CD "Every Road" review by David Kidman (9/4/18) 

Linda Sussman  
Album: Every Road  
Label: Sing Out Proud Music 
Tracks: 11  

Linda's a Long Island, NY-based singer/songwriter whose songs are a call for social justice and tell stories of personal challenges, as well as celebrating triumphs, love and peace. Good old-fashioned s/s values, then, and stylishly couched in an all-embracing musical idiom that appealingly combines elements of folk, west-coast folk-rock, alt-country and Americana. And to realise her vision, Linda gets plenty of able-bodied help from a small handful of talented musician friends including Cindy Quart, Richie Guerrero as well as Linda herself and album producer Mike Nugent, together playing electric guitars, dobro, ukulele, keyboards, bass and congas/percussion; there's some tasty soloing too among the accompaniments.  

Linda has a strong and forthright singing voice, and by and large her style of delivery suits her songs... Her writing covers all bases with efficiency and evident compassion and commitment to the cause. The most memorable items in this entirely self-penned collection include social-justice-themed pieces "Not In My Name" and "The Change," the spiritually-inclined "Creators" and the touching closing "Lullaby"...  

Nothing desperately cutting-edge, then, but well crafted all the same, and likely to give pleasure to aficionados of the late-60s/early-70s singer-songwriters (some tracks are perhaps especially reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, though in a nice way).  

David Kidman


"3 Women's Musical Journeys"
Program created and performed by:
Linda Sussman, Janice Buckner, Annie Mark
January 8, 2020 (debut)

"A fun, upbeat, and heartfelt experience by 3 amazingly creative and talented singer/songwriters!" — Lauren Paige, Northport Arts Coalition

Audience feedback (on social media) to the program's debut, which played to a full house:

"A beautiful heartwarming antidote to the madness that surrounds us. Thank you." —K.K.

"Absolutely fabulous and incredibly moving." — T.K. 

"Was a fabulous evening filled with serious talent and authentiity." — A.M.G.

"Beautiful night! Music was wonderful, the chemistry between these amazingly talented women was electric! — E.P.

"Nicely weaving in thoughts about your lives' journeys." — J.S.

"Such a great performance, made my evening." — E.B.

"A joyous night indeed!" — B.W.

 "Fabulous evening filled with amazing talent. Thank you for sharing your stories, your songs and your love." —A.L.


Ron Cooke, KTAL-LP radio DJ, Las Cruces, NM 
(Program: Music They Don't Want You to Hear) 

"Linda Sussman makes music worth listening to.  Her songs are timely, insightful and presented with passion and conviction.  She makes the personal universal and the universal personal." 


Under the Radar
June 18, 2019

 Linda Sussman Is Back with Another Full-Length CD

Linda's just-released Pass It On Down”album (May 2019, label: Sing Out Proud Music) is her second full-length CD of all originals [in the past two years]. The CD’s 10 tracks, which feature Sussman’s strong vocals and lyrics which KTAL DJ Ron Cooke call “provocative and compelling,” cut across a host of genres, from blues to alt-folk to folk-rock to bluegrass and country blues. 

Sussman acknowledges that her time spent in the recording and mixing studios on nearly back-to-back full-length projects was quite ambitious and a bit insane, but she quickly notes she would not have done it any differently. “I’m just driven to get my music out there,” she says. “Although it is incredibly challenging still to be juggling a full-time day job and have enough time and energy left over to focus on my music, there is simply an undeniable pull that I need to satisfy. So I just keep moving forward balancing it all the best way I can.” 

As to the mix of styles on Pass It On Down, Sussman says, “I go wherever the music or lyrics take me, and I try not to let myself be boxed into any one category.”


Under the Radar
January 23, 2019

Linda Sussman's Every Road CD Celebrates the Journey! 

Linda Sussman is a Long Island-based singer/songwriter/guitarist with a unique style rooted in alt-folk...

If you want to see Linda out live, she performs at a variety of venues across Long Island, and every few months she can be heard with her band, Linda Sussman Collective, at The Bitter End, NY’s iconic music venue on Bleecker Street in the West Village. 

Every Road was coproduced by Linda and Mike Nugent and was released on Linda’s indie record label, Sing Out Proud Music. The CD was recorded by Mike at his Melts in Your Ears Studio(Huntington, NY), and mixed by Kevin Kelly at The Workshoppe East (Huntington, NY). The CD was mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering (New Paltz, NY). ...


Ferengie Record Review 
May 30, 2018 

Linda Sussman's latest CD Every Road has eleven songs that are a joy to experience. This is the 3rd album from Linda, who is a popular Huntington folk artist. Her vocal style and ability, while reminiscent of Joan Baez, is edgier as needed to deliver each song’s message. Linda’s lyrics are written from a personal perspective while touching upon universal themes. I suspect that everyone who listens to this impressive body of work will find their own message in each of the songs. 

I heard “Not In My Name” as a tribute to our nation’s history of welcoming people from all shores to a better life and it was a call to action for us to preserve this tradition. Linda’s metaphor of crying tears of red, white and blue was very touching. 

“A Little Bit of Heaven” inspires the listener to appreciate our beautiful planet. “Creators” inspired me to acknowledge the inginuity and survival instincts of the human spirit and I heard “The Change” as an empowering call to action against social injustice. 

“Lullabye”, one of my favorite cuts and one that I have had the pleasure of hearing Linda perform live, is moving and touches on another theme that is relatable to many, whether the lullabye is for a child, a lover or an aging parent. 

The vocal arrangements on this CD are bright and emotive. The use of a second voice for either harmony or to introduce a counter melody is impressive. The instrumentation and musical talent on this CD is most notable. Linda is a gifted lyricist, composer and guitarist. Mike Nugent, who also recorded and co-produced this CD, contributes his musicianship with inventive electric guitar, bass and a host of other stringed instruments. Richie Guerrero is the percussionist on this CD, and the cut “Tell Me Over Sunrise” is a great example of electric guitar and percussion interacting in a lively and engaging way. The introduction of keyboard by Cindy Quart in "A Little Bit of Heaven" and cello, by Gabrielle Schavran, on “Lullabye”, gives this CD more musical depth than one would usually expect from a folk album. 

Linda comes across as a person who cares intensely about other people and the planet. Her lyrics follow in the tradition of folk music to deliver a message, educate others about social problems, and to provide a call to action for empowerment and change. 

Her music truly is a little bit of heaven. Really hoping that Linda gets to take this CD on the road – Every Road! 

For more information about Linda and how to purchase her CDs, visit


"Huntington-Based Singer Addresses Injustice Through Music"
By Connor Beach 
Long-Islander News 
March 22, 2018

"Every Road" CD release: pre-release concert review

..."A Huntington resident with a passion for music announced her return to the music scene recently with the release of her first CD since 2002...."

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