NEW CD ON ITS WAY IN 2019—"Layer Me Up" 
10 original tracks, from folk to folk-rock to blues to bluegrass!

MARCH 21, 2019: The Bitter End [Linda Sussman Collective]

APRIL 13, 2019: Radio Bean [solo]

APRIL 14, 2019: Sweet Melissa's [solo]

APRIL 24, 2019: Still Partners—"Music from the Hive"
(one of four featured singer/songwriters 'in the round')

JUNE 2, 2019: House Concert [solo] 
(fundraiser: League of Women Voters)

JUNE 14, 2019: Tap 'N Barrel [solo]

JUNE 21, 2019: Bellmore Bean Cafe [solo]

JUNE 23, 2019: Michael Braceland Art Gallery [solo]

SEPT 7, 2019: Northport Farmer's Market [solo]

SEPT 14, 2019: Northport Farmer's Market [solo]


"Every Road" CD (© 2018) now available!
(more info on CDs/STORE page) 

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