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PASS IT ON DOWNThis album delivers 10 original tracks in the blues, folk, and folk-rock traditions. As on her previous CD, Linda is joined by stellar musicians from the Linda Sussman Collective and beyond. This latest collection is sure to make you sing along, sway and even boogie!

Album listed on Roots Music Report (RMR)'s Best of 2019 and Best of 2020 in Contemporary Folk charts!  Access from most streaming sites, such as Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, etc.

Album released May 2019 (10 tracks). All songs © by Linda Sussman. CD co-produced by Mike Nugent & Linda Sussman; recorded by Mike Nugent, Melts In Your Ears Music studio; mixed by Kevin Kelly, The Workshoppe East; mastered by Mike Kalajian, Rogue Planet Mastering

Other musicians and voices add a whole lot of extra sparkle: Mike Nugent, Cosmo Mallardi, Richie Guerrero, Mark Mancini, Cindy Quart, Lisa Gutkin, Janice Buckner, Cecilia Kirtland, Anne O'Rourke, Greg Seck. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED TO THIS PROJECT!


JOIN HANDS:  Single-track release (Nov 1, 2020) ... available on all streaming sites!