Lyrics & Music © Linda Sussman

The world is watching 
In disbelief
And the tears are flowing
In an ocean of grief
We raise our voices
And stand with those
Who provide for the refugee

Mama, I'm so tired
And I don't understand
Why the bombs are fallin'
Across our beautiful land
Will we find shelter
Against the wind and snow
Please don't let go of my hand

Freedom is fragile
On any shore
The march for peace is long
The brutal orders
Of an unprovoked war
Truth lives at history's core

There's a chain of hope
Ready to meet the pain
Lines of heroic souls
Helping to sustain 
So many splintered lives
Seeking safety from harm
Openly weeping in foreign lands

The world is watching  
In disbelief 
And the tears are flowing 
In an ocean of grief 
We raise our voices 
Give thanks to those
Who provide for the refugee

Lyrics & Music © Linda Sussman

My baby's all wound up
Got a notion that's run amok
Somethin' to do with flowers and shoes
I'm just sittin' here singin' the blues

Oh, my baby __ Oh, my baby

My baby left me cold
It shot a mighty chill through my bones
What I found on the kitchen floor
Were the roses that I brought from the store

Oh, my baby

My baby's such a jealous fool
Can't get the hang of playin' it cool
Got a mind like a runaway train
But it's still the one that drives me insane

Oh, my baby

But I know my baby's comin' back
My baby never once crossed those tracks
So I'll just keep on movin' along
I'll put on the kettle and I'll forget this whole song

Oh, my baby 

Lyrics & Music © Linda Sussman

Running rampant through our nation 
Forging clear across this land 
Is hatred born of ignorance 
Stoked by leaders standing grand 
Fear rises out of bigotry 
That’s been invited to the stage 
And money writes the history 
Centuries of shame

Join hands 
With your sisters and your brothers 
Join hands 
Make a statement for those who can’t 
Take a knee 
To stand up and be free 
Join hands 
All across this land

Call attention to those silenced 
Well before their time 
At the hands of those in power 
Feeding us some line 
One lie after another lie
Keeps the status quo alive 
They’ve had us all in corners 
To conquer and divide


Shine a light on respect 
Speak up for equality 
It’s time for understanding 
Years and years of misery 
The color that you walk in 
Should not put you in jeopardy 
We’re cryin’ out for justice 
And full-on liberty


Lyrics & Music © Linda Sussman

These walls may talk
These walls may cry
Like paint peelin' up
From the underside
Stories hidden
Within the cracks
What'll they tell us
When we look back?

There was dancin'
In the kitchen
There was singin'
From down the hall
But kids being kids
Wouldn't sit for an hour
Flights of fancy
Takin' them to the stars!

Water won't wash away my tears (4X)

A spider's web
Designed for strength
Each woven strand
Spun of silk and lace
One ladder torn
But all the rest stayed taut
And showed the world
How hard she fought

Water won't wash away my tears (4X)

These walls may talk 
These walls may cry 
Like paint peelin' up 
From the underside 
Stories hidden 
Within the cracks 
What'll they tell us 
When we look back?

Lyrics & Music © Linda Sussman

Smoke risin'
In the city
Heat rollin'
All around
Pressure buildin'
Little ones cryin"
How we gonna get our feet back on the ground?

Folks run down
And outta money
Shops closed up
One by one
Holdin' loved ones
Inside their walls
People prayin' all across the land

Time's movin'
Movin' so slowly
World's racin'
For a cure
Hearts pourin'
Into each other
There's a frontline in the eye of the storm.

Lyrics & Music © Linda Sussman

When the weight of my world
Shifts on its side
It leads me to wonder
The angle of right

I never know what’s in store 
Never know what’s comin’ next 
All I know is what I’ve seen 
Between my life and the edge 

I will cross whatever bridge comes 
I will face that mighty wind 
And I’ll never, ever know 
How many tomorrows will come to call me in 

BRIDGE: How a thin line / Casts shadows / By my side [REPEAT] 

I will fight against the darkness 
When my days feel like night 
And I'll wake to find the morning 
A new day by my side 

So when my feet get much too weary 
All I see is one steep climb
I'll remember there are places
Where I can lean to the other side


Lyrics & Music © Linda Sussman

(CHORUS): You live a good life and you pass it on down
Hands on the wheel, your feet on the ground
Rise before sun-up, work until dusk
Provide for your family, a life born of love. 

Many times you have tried, many ways you have failed
To carry your stories along decades of trails
All the homes you have lived and the hills you have sown
You dig deep for the memories and all you have known. (CHORUS)

A sideline of sculpture, a pile of stone
Spuds on blue tarp where the earth's been undone
Your hands they have toiled and your faith, well, it's grown
In the green grass of nature and all you have known. (CHORUS)

Whether working the land or on rusty old rails
Ivory towers or factories or boardrooms or jails
An honest day's work pays more than the bills
It builds on steps from the small things we do. (CHORUS)

Lyrics & Music © Linda Sussman

Throw away all my fears
Catch me if I fall
I've been hiding
Far too long
Flirting 'round the edges
Of my mind
I've walked a long, long road
Rocky paths have been my guide. 

Color my dreams alive
Shades of red and gold
Paint a new picture
Play a leading role
Wake up my senses
Like a breath of fresh air
If I lose my way
Promise you'll be there. 

CH:  Follow my dreams
        Stretched across the sky
        Each day a new star
        Holds me in dark and in light.

Circles are bound to break
When you lean against the lines
No matter the years it takes
To finally arrive
Time waits for no one
Dreams can grow cold
So lay down the pieces
Lay bare your soul.

CH:  Follow your dreams
        Stretched across the sky
        Each day a new star
        Holds us in dark and in light.

Lyrics & Music © Linda Sussman 

Well, ya build me up
Until ya cut me down
And ya build me up
Until ya cut me down
Ya got me feeling like I'm all turned inside out.

There ain't no straight line
Off this merry-go-round
Somebody stole the sign
Left me to run aground
My head's'a'spinnin', gonna take me to the lost and found!

I got me a truckload of blues (2x)

I'm gonna hitch a ride
Outta this jamboree
I won't waste my time
Won't be your Honeybee
But I'm stuck cuz my feet they just walked out on me!

I'm gonna sit straight up
And I might even fly
Gonna stir it all up
Gonna wave bye-bye
But not before I'm done with my apple pie!

Lyrics & Music © Linda Sussman

Layer me up, I fall to pieces
Layer me up, I fall to you 
Layer me up, I fall to pieces
Layer me up, I fall to you. 

There are voices in the forest 
There are voices singin’ true 
They are fillin’ all the brooks with
Diamonds and blues (CHORUS) 

In the early mornin’ hours 
In the rustlin' of the leaves 
You come knockin’ ‘round my window 
Just to bring this song to me (CHORUS)

So, come meet me by the willows 
Look my way and I am yours 
Steal my heart from the hurt that 
Runs a thousand miles long (CHORUS) 

Skippin’ stones on the water 
Skippin’ stories with every beat 
Come reflecting all the mysteries 
Of the heart and of defeat (CHORUS)