I am a Long Island, NY-based alt-folk singer/songwriter/guitarist with a unique, eclectic style. My music spans folk, folk-rock, and blues. I write songs to honor the human spirit, celebrate personal triumphs, rally against social injustices, invite peace and understanding, and others, well, simply for fun!

I perform solo or with my band (Linda Sussman Collective),
depending on the venue.  


"Linda Sussman makes music worth listening to.  Her songs are timely, insightful and presented with passion and conviction.  She makes the personal universal and the universal personal."
 Ron Cooke, KTAL radio DJ (program: Music They Don't Want
You to Hear)


“Good old-fashioned singer/songwriter values…stylishly couched in an
all-embracing musical idiom that appealingly combines elements of folk, west-coast folk-rock, alt-country and Americana.” 
David Kidman, FATEA Music Magazine UK (9/4/18)


"Sussman’s latest CD, Every Road, has eleven songs that are a joy to experience. … Her vocal style and ability, while reminiscent of Joan Baez, is edgier as needed to deliver each song."
Ferengie Record Review  5/30/18 ("Every Road" CD)




What's a young girl to do when the instrument she's been given to play is the clarinet and she wants to sing? Switch to the guitar, of course! That was back around when I was 10 or so. Such was my beginning, though at age 6, I had an early start on the recorder prior to the accordian. (Guess if I had stuck with the accordian or clarinet, I might have fallen into Klezmer music instead.)

I fondly remember our music teacher, Mr. Klein, who would make his way around the court in the garden apartment development where I grew up in Bayside, Queens. It was a great day when Mr. Klein would pay his weekly visit to all of us kids...upstairs, saxophone and french horn; my sister was flute; a few doors down, piano; and, me, well, an assortment. But voice was fast becoming my main passion, so I bid farewell to Mr. Klein and followed a different path, singing instead with various choruses. Back in my early days, first Boroughwide Chorus (Queens) and then All City Chorus (Manhattan) served as my vocal coaching. 

In the 1990's, I spent a lot of time writing songs and singing for a meditation group—my period of introspection. It was in this period that I produced my first cassette recording, titled "Breathe Easy." Also, as a young songwriter finding her way in the world when society was much less accepting of differences, I found myself out in front performing at LGBT and women-centric events, basically "singing for our lives," to quote Holly Near. The first social justice song that I wrote was "A Personal Issue," penned on a paper bag on a bus-ride home from a pro-choice march in DC. That song was never recorded, but unfortunately its refrain is as meaningful today as it was back then: "Roe versus Wade in '73 / set all women free / neither church nor state / will again decide our fate."  "Fly Away," my second solo project of original music, was recorded in 2002.

I am driven to write songs of social justice, challenges as well as triumphs,  as well as love and hope. My motto: peace, love and understanding, though most likely achieved in reverse order. 

In January 2018, I released "Every Road," an eclectic mix of 11 songs, coproduced with Mike Nugent. Accompanying my vocals and rhythm guitar on this project are Mike (lead guitar, bass, dobro, yuke, electric slide), Richie Guerrero (drums, percussion), Cindy Quart (keyboard), and Gabrielle Schavron (cello).

I am currently in production on my next project (titled "Layer Me Up" and  to be released in 2019), which will include a wide breadth of sounds, from bare vocals, harmonies and guitar to full band! 

My musical influences? Of course there is a long list, but at the top are Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, and Holly Near.

What I play:
    —Martin 0016DBM (Women and Music series)
    —Martin Dreadnought Junior

Past performance groups:

  • Half of duo "Sussman & Rodrigues"
  • One-third of "Choice"
  • One-fourth of "Silver Shadow"
  • New Century Singers (chorus)
  • Long Island Pride Chorus

Thanks for visiting my site! 

Let there be peace through music,