LINDA SUSSMAN is a New York-based singer-songwriter (solo/band) whose music crosses lines of alt-folk and blues and whose songs span universal themes such as love, heartache, triumphs and social justice. Linda's vocals are reminiscent of Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell and are backed by her strong rhythm and fingerpicking guitar styles, with a touch of slide.

Linda's music can be heard internationally on stations across the US, UK, Europe, Israel, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. Within 2 months of its Feb 2021 release,  Linda's lastest album, These Wallsranked #1 on the Roots Music Report's Top 50 Alternative Folk Album Chart (4/3/21) and #3 on the RMR's Top 10 Folk Album Chart, which cuts across all sub-genres (4/3/21). Her Pass It On Down album is #21 (top 200 chart) on the Roots Music Report (RMR)'s "Best in Contemporary Folk in 2020." 

Among Linda's songs for social justice, "Join Hands" (from album These Walls) garnered stellar reviews in Nov 2020 when first released as a single and ranked #1 on RadioGuitarOne's Folk Channel Top 20 chart (1/7/21):

"Both a rallying cry and an uplifting anthem for our times, this is music you need
to hear"
— Ron Cooke, KTAL host

"Sussman takes us on a powerful journey with JOIN HANDS. Now more than ever we need
messages like this"
— Luke Wolk, RadioGuitarOne


Typically touring as a solo artist, Linda also performs with any combination of her stellar band, the Linda Sussman Collective (many of whom are also Linda's studio musicians, including Mike Nugent, Mark Mancini and Richie Guerrero). She has shared her music over the years at a wide range of venues, inspiring audiences to sing along on her hard-driving, relationship-rebuilding song "Layer Me Up," groove to "Tomorrow Blues," check in at a personal level on "Pass It On Down" or "These Walls," have a bit of old-time blues fun in "My Baby" or step away from the daily news in "Let’s Just Boogie." Her 2021 album, THESE WALLS, is a compilation of 11 new originals and reflects on life from within "these walls" during the COVID-19 pandemic.


IN THE BEGINNING...Linda has deep musical roots, starting from a very young age playing the recorder, then accordion and clarinet, before realizing her voice was another instrument. Enter the guitar ... and the rest is history! 

Linda's early performing days (in the NYC borough of Queens) had her singing covers and playing a 12-string guitar in coffeehouses and wine-and-cheese shops—plentiful back in the day. Her earliest vocal training came by way of singing with NYC's prestigious All City Chorus, a competitive audition chorus with voices selected from high schools across all five NYC boroughs.

During her college years in upstate NY, Linda fronted a popular folk-rock band, SILVER SHADOW, playing covers at multiple venues regularly in the tristate Binghamton, NY area. After college and back in the NY metro area, Linda formed the all-women trio CHOICE—Lisa Deuel on flute/piano, Peggy Rodrigues on jazz guitar, and Linda on acoustic guitar/vocals. CHOICE brought its unique sound to venues across NYC and Long Island, and Linda credits her years with the trio for helping her to spread her wings as a songwriter. CHOICE disbanded when Lisa moved out of state...and then there were two: SUSSMAN & RODRIGUES. For a good many years, the duo played their mix of covers and Linda's originals throughout the NY metro area, including select NYC festivals.

Linda eventually went solo as a singer-songwriter, including a steady gig at the iconic Kenny's Castaways on Bleecker Street, in the heart of NYC's West Village. Life has a way of coming full circle—years later, Linda found herself back on Bleecker Street at another iconic venue, The Bitter End, landing the gig as a solo artist and taking the stage numerous times with her backing band (Linda Sussman Collective).

Since early 2018, Linda has released three full-length albums in four years and looks forward to life after COVID, when she can return to live performances.

Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs and Holly Near, among many others!

Linda's guitars:
    • Martin 0016-DBM  
    • Martin OMC15-ME

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