...no matter what kind of folkie you want to characterize her as, [Linda Sussman] provides a calming voice for riding turbulent waters. A first class set of anthems for today.” - Chris Spector [album review: SHAKE IT LOOSE TODAY]

Midwest Record

It's astounding how such a mellow composition is able to elegantly bring out such a powerful message ... Only love for this artist and her music! It's brilliant. ” - Leela Iyer [track review: A POWER YOU'LL NEVER KNOW]

Sinusoidal Music

The title track SHAKE IT LOOSE TODAY is a ... mid tempo swampy shuffle with just enough grit to make you smirk. ... Great songwriting, arrangements and performances are found across the entirety of the nine tracks.” - Luke Wolk [album review: SHAKE IT LOOSE TODAY]

Radio Guitar One

[THESE WALLS] is a great album ... The songs were heartfelt and sincere and felt honest. I think this album will resonate with fans of folk and blues. Take a listen.” - Matt Jensen [album review: THESE WALLS]

Pitch Perfect

Linda considers herself a roots folk singer but has some amazing blues tunes that will leave you in awe of her versatility.” - Tim Hief [podcaster comment]

Local Open Mic

The interpretation [Sussman] has through her unique voice is something magical and rare. ... this album has a healthy mix of folksy, bluesy tracks that create new, different grooves.” - Nishant Varma [album review: SHAKE IT LOOSE TODAY]

Sinusoidal Music

[A POWER YOU'LL NEVER KNOW] honors folk music made with passion and tradition, and mixes a subtle soul-warming blues. Linda Sussman's voice is warm, soothes us and sends strong messages to the world.” - IndieChroniqueDaily [track review: A POWER YOU'LL NEVER KNOW]

Indie Chronique

...there is a sincere desire for support and love in the beautiful folk ballads "Will You Hold My Hand," "The Light Moves In" and in the bluesy song "Honey We Gonna Fly.” - Valsam [album review: SHAKE IT LOOSE TODAY]


...this is an album that draws on most areas of Folk music to make its points and is certainly worth your attention. If the spirit of Greenwich Village in the sixties and early seventies is still with us, then it lives in Linda Sussman.” - Tim [album review: SHAKE IT LOOSE TODAY]


Sussman writes in a way that calls upon the stylings of classic blues lyrics, while giving them a modern twist ....” - Daniel Deprè & Staff [track review: MY BABY]


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